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A complete cloud based web application security platform to actively shield your application from malicious traffic

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A WPF is a Gateway to an web application server which monitors and prevent all incoming traffic to an web application with malicious intent; while remain silent for legitimate traffic. The reason is to deploy a WPF is to automatically filter out malicious traffics so that they cannot reach their intended destination to harm the web application.

Whether your application has gone through an extensive vulnerabilities remediation process or not it is always good to have an additional layer of security to swipe away malicious traffic. La Manguste’s advanced web application firewall (WPF) works as a gateway for incoming traffic to your web application. Its in built artificial threat detection system enables it to distinguish between legitimate traffic and malicious traffic. While it remain transparent for legitimate user, malicious traffic get prevented from reaching to your web application.

How Web Application Firewall Works

Why La Manguste’s Advanced WPF

Cloud Based Protection

Cloud Based Application Protection

Completely cloud based and does not require any installation on your web server.

Consistent Advancement

Consistent Advancement of WAF

Continuously updated protection rules based on global threat intelligence & advanced researches.

Code Injection Prevention

Code Injection Prevention

Prevents all round code protection from code injection attacks such as SQL injection, Cross site scripting etc.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Protection from network layer, transport layer and application layer targeted DDoS attack.

Bruteforce Protection

Bruteforce Protection

Protection from bruteforce attacks by resisting abnormal login attempt patterns from malicious IP addresses.

Prevent Zero Day Exploits

Prevent Zero Day Exploits

Hyper active threat intelligence team to respond to an emerging zero day vulnerability.

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