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With growing market penetration of smart phones and high speed mobile internet connection mobile applications has outperformed desktop and web application for almost all retail focused industry. Cumulative app downloads from Apple itune has already reached to 180 billion till June 2017 while it is expected to reach over 300 billion in 2020. However this extensive pace of growth has been put tremendous level of pressure on mobile app development industry forcing it to deliver more within shortest possible time. In this process of quick transition mobile application security is something did not received deserved attention.

According to study atleast 75% of application on Android store consists of atleast one OWASP TOP 10 Mobile vulnerabilities which means 75% android applications have inbuilt security risk exposure. The number is better for iOS but not quite ignorable. Most off such vulnerabilities exists because of improper usage of device permissions, usage of library classes either, outdated or invented for commercial interest of third party developer, insecure call to web services or improper usage of information retrieved through web services. And in combination with OS vulnerabilities the severity becomes highly critical allowing easy access of user information/device information to malicious users. So in case your mobile application deals with sensitive user information like credit card data, health information etc, exploitation of such vulnerability may expose a significant amount of penal liability.

Getting your mobile application security scanned before each release reduce the risk effectively. It helps you to identify most of the common vulnerabilities with critical exposoure giving you a chance to remediate them quickly to make introduction difficult for the malicious users.


La Manguste’s automated mobile application vulnerability scanning service makes it easy and fast. It helps you in identifying critical mobile application vulnerabilities in an organized & effective manner. It priotize vulnerabilities according to their severity level which provides you a clear guideline to direct your attention to the most critical risk at any particular point of time. It also provide information about the origin of vulnerabilities making your solution drive easier. Save time of your mobile application development time by quickly identifying existing vulnerabilities which would otherwise take weeks, sometime even months to be discovered through manual code review and penetration test. Our automated mobile application vulnerability scanning service is currently available for iOS and Android application.


Accelerating Security

We identify vulnerabilities within hours or sometime in minutes making application risk exposure duration shorter. The vulnerabilities otherwise would take days or even weeks to be discovered proving sufficient time to a malicious users to exploit them in an planned and organized manner.

No Source Code Needed

We scan your build which would otherwise anyway be accessible to the public users. Our automated vulnerability scanner donot need access to your source code which saves you from the risk of source code exposure to another third party company. It matters a lot in a world where you don’t know who to trust.

Cost Optimized

Runs with little or no human intervention while driving a complete vulnerability list in maximum a business day. Which would otherwise use days or even weeks of productivity of application developers and penetration testers draining thousands of dollars in monitory terms.

Highly Accurate

La Manguste’s automated mobile application vulnerability scanner has been historically successful in identifying 98.5% OWASP top 10 mobile application vulnerabilities. The stat takes it ahead from its peers.

Priotized & Organized

We proprietary algorithm priotize vulnerabilities according to their risk exposure, popularity and ace of possible exploitation; driving your attention towards the most important holes to be patched in accordance to your tight release schedule.

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