Mobile Application Security

Do not allow a threat to spoil the mobile app exposure of your entrepreneurship. Deploy our all round mobile application security to neutralize all security threats to your business.

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Why secure mobile applications ?

Global mobile app revenue has shot up to $88.3 Billion in 2016 and has been project to be near 200 Billion in 2020. However in the process of quick formation and transition mobile application security has been something which did not get its deserved attention.

Your mobile applications and associated server environments can have one or more critical vulnerabilities making it exposed to most dangerous threats over internet. An unsecure mobile application is not only vulnerable to adventurist user operation but also to malwares on users devices which may push inappropriate inputs to retrieve information from the connected web server, insert malicious information & code making the app to behave improperly. An exploitable vulnerability either in your mobile application or in the associated server side application may expose your business to risk of –

Mobile app brand profile damage
  • Brand profile damage by forcing your mobile application to display unintended contents
  • Mobile app data hack
  • Disclosure, corruption or destruction of information critical to your business or your clients
  • User security comprise
  • Compromising user security by disclosing sensitive user and device information to parties with unlawful intentions
  • Mobile app malware infection
  • Forcing your app to distribute malicious scripts such as malwares & adwares
  • Mobile app service downtime
  • Disruption of services at the least to inflict damage to your short and long term revenue flow
  • App_store_ban.png
  • Getting your mobile application banned temporarily or permanently on appstores to prevent further distribution
  • Our all round mobile application security solution keeps mobile application and server from all present threats.

    Vulnerability Detection

    Mobile app securty scan

    Identify security vulnerabilities of your iOS and Android application with our mobile application scanning tool. Our proprietary scanners evaluate and scan your iOS and android application built for possible exploitation and provides details report on identified vulnerabilities to make it easy for your developers to patch those.

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    mobile app server security scan

    80% of all vulnerabilities associated with a mobile application originate themselves from the backend web server, database and web services connecting the mobile application with the server. A complete security scan of the server side application will enable identification of serious vulnerabilities like SQL Injection possibility, insecure web services which acts primary gateway of intrusions.

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    Mobile App Manual Penetration Test

    Since automated scanning is never enough to identify all possible vulnerabilities; let our security professionals attempt intrusion to your system with all possible aspects and techniques at their disposal. A manual penetration test will expose your system as it would in front of a professional hacker, so we know about the practical threats which need immediate attention.

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    Mobile App security remediation

    Our seasoned security engineers and programmers are not only quick to remediate identified vulnerabilities, they are also perfectly aware about evolving threat landscape and most up to date remediation available for certain vulnerabilities ensuring perfect security of your web application against most advanced from of intrusion techniques.

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    Runtime Protection

    Mobile App Server Firewall

    Keep your mobile application server protected against all common form of attacks behind our cloud based web application firewall. Our application firewall works as a gateway to your application server to filter malicious traffic and queries. It also provide protection against all common form of exploitation such as SQL & Jquiry Injection, Cross Site Scripting etc.

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    mobile app ddos protection

    Protect your mobile application server from DDoS attacks with our DDoS shield. Our 24/7 active high capacity DDoS mitigation shield identifies and mitigate DDoS attacks targeted towards your web application without human intervention while creating zero annoyance and downtime for legitimate users and services.

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    Incident Response

    Mobile app malware removal service

    Have your website has been infected by an malware? It might be a sufficient reason from your users to get scared away and never look back. In addition commercial search engines take malware infection incident very seriously which affects your website ranking drastically. The best time to respond against such incident is before it occurs. However in case your website/application is already infected, curing the infection within least possible time is the best solution you have.

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    Mobile App Vulnerability Debugging

    Have you identified an unauthorized access to your web or mobile application? Or an injection incident has caused disclosure, corruption or destruction of data? Do your web services pushing abnormal requests to the database? It is time to have a detailed analysis on application layer security and debug lapses made by your application developer. Our seasoned application and information security engineers not only remediate already exploited vulnerabilities but also empower your application and database security to stand tall against any intrusion attempt in future.

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