Manual Penetration Test

More than 75% web application checked and patched according to web application vulnerability scanners is left with at least one OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities.

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Why manual penetration test

No automated application vulnerability scanner can replace human intelligence. While automated application security scanners are faster and reliable to catch low hanging fruits (most commonly exploitable vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross site scripting flaws) they are never enough reliable while it comes to a battle with human intelligence. When attackers worldwide are engaged in discovering newer avenues to intrude application, only manual penetration testing by an equally intelligent team of security engineers and penetration testers can ensure survivability of your application. Significantly serious issues like business logic flaws, broken authorization, security misconfigurations etc needs human intervention to be discovered and remediated. That’s why to get ensured about robust security for your web and mobile applications a manual penetration test is mandatory.

Why La Mangsute?

La Manguste’s compact team of application security engineers and penetration testers consists of battle harden veterans with over a decade of experience in handling application and information security. The experience which allows us run in line with the thought process of an intelligent attacker. Having testing experience on hundreds of web and mobile applications we understand the mindsets of both programmers and hackers to intervene in gap between two lines of thinking.

Our well established test processes backed up by global threat intelligence not only makes your penetration test effective but also accelerates which enables you to save time and money you are spending on application and information security.

Ensure Compliancy with PCI, HIPPA & GDPR Norms

In case you are looking to make your application security compliant with PCI, HIPPA, GDPR or any other regulators, La Manguste’s manual penetration testing service is something you would like to be attached with. Our manual penetration test works as a mock test before you approach audit from the regulator. A completed penetration test by La Manguste and follow up remediation will ensure reliability on application & information security making your application well prepared for the audits.

Upgraded Application? It's time to Retest

With the addition of new features there is always a strong chance of inclusion of new vulnerabilities. If you recently updated your web or mobile application, full blown application security testing is a important task to complete to maintain survivability.

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