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More than 39 million unique malware samples has been discovered in the year of 2017 and the number is seeing steady growth of over 10% since last 5 years. While most of these malwares remained ineffective against web application firewall, some of them had been successful in securing their name in the list of most deadly malwares ever programmed. While dealing with malwares it is always best to act before an incident , over time it has been learnt that even installing the best application protection suit cannot guarantee immunity from malware infection. So the survival of the business largely depends on their preparedness to deal with an infection.

An infection by a malware either redistributable or not is highly painful for any business. And longer the application or website remains infected damage is higher. It takes merely a day ( or just a couple of hours for application with high traffic volume) after malware infection to get blacklisted by major search engines and antivirus softwares. And the consequence can be further extending if your website or application is redistributing the infection to its users (although unknowingly). The commercial loss you make in terms of lost reputation, stolen data, and violation of customer privacy in combination with bans is unaccountable and far more extending in the future. Only your pace of reaction against an infection is what may limit your damage and for the same you have already reached to the right page.

La Manguste’s compact incident response team engages itself at the moment you reach us. Our global threat intelligence, always up-to-date malware signature database enables us to identify infecting malware quickly and do the needful to recover your website within hours limiting your damage to the minimum level.

Why La Mangsute?

At La Manguste we understand when time is critical, immediate action is necessary to protect reputation of your business. In case of an infection our emergency incident response team makes it sure that no time is lost before a cognizable action is taken. Our compact incident response team engages itself at the moment you reach us. Backed up by global threat intelligence, up-to-date malware signature database, right set of tools & resources and an established malware incident handling process, we deliver the result when it is needed the most.

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Quick Reaction

Quick Malware Removal

All malware cleanup requests is guaranteed to be responded within 6 hours if not earlier.

Up to Date Database

Updated Malware Database

Backed up by global threat intelligence network, our malware database is always up to date to identify latest malwares quickly.

Blacklisting Removal

Blacklisting Removal

Our service does not end with the clean up only. Until your application get removed from blacklisting by search engines.

Available 24*7

24*7 Malware Removal Service

We are available exactly when you need us to act; just a phone call or a message is enough to get us engaged.

Money back Guaranty

Money Back Gurrantee

100% money back without any question if clean up is not completed within 48 hrs. No question asked.

WAF Protection

WAF Protection

Our proprietary self learning web application firewall protects your application from further malware infection round the clock.

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