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While time is critical and clock is ticking La Manguste’s battle harden emergency incident response services can help in preventing or limiting the damage to your business caused by an attack. Our compact incident response team backed up by global network of intelligence and analytics can identify the correct set of remediation required to respond to an attack in minutes. Empowered with latest technology, resources and tools we not only get your system back into business in quickest possible time, but also provide detailed analytical report of the incident and set of remediation required to prevent similar incidents in future. Whether it be a high volume DDoS attack or infection by a deadly malware, where response time quantify the amount of damage it cost, getting in touch with our incident response team will help you in racing with the time.

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DDoS Attack Mitiagtion Service

DDoS has been the commonest form of threat to any business having an asset on the web since with DDoS, the attacker does not require a security breach to take down an application. It takes minutes for an high volume DDoS attack to engage a target and it takes hours for the application/server to recover from the shock and possibly weeks for the business to mitigate the damage in the aftermath of the attack. If your website or application receiving abnormal amount of traffic without a genuine and reasonable event, it’s time to respond before it is too late.

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Have your website has been infected by an malware? It might be a sufficient reason from your users to get scared away and never look back. In addition commercial search engines take malware infection incident very seriously which affects your website ranking drastically. The best time to respond against such incident is before it occurs. However in case your website/application is already infected, curing the infection within least possible time is the best solution you have.

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Web & Mobile App Malware Removal Service

Have you identified an unauthorized access to your web or mobile application? Or an injection incident has caused disclosure, corruption or destruction of data? Do your web services pushing abnormal requests to the database? It is time to have a detailed analysis on application layer security and debug lapses made by your application developer. Our seasoned application and information security engineers not only remediate already exploited vulnerabilities but also empower your application and database security to stand tall against any intrusion attempt in future.

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