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Point your DNS to our DDoS Protection server and let the DDoS traffic fall back .

How It Works

Upon signup Your website DNS (A Record & CName) get pointed towards La Manguste’s DDoS protection server which ensures that all HTTP/S traffic to your application domain is routed through the La Manguste network. Our DDoS protection mechanism consist of 2 protection layer. The first one is an web application firewall which blocks requests with malicious content and banned IPs. The second layour is our self learning DDoS rule engine which relies on a set of security rules that observe HTTP request patterns, client behavior and reputation and profile traffic to be allowed or disallowed. That’s how all malicious and DDoS traffic get blocked and legitimate traffic directed towards application server.

DDoS Attack Mitigation Process Flow

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Available & Fast

Available and Fast DDoS Mitigation

Get started now and get rid of DDoS attack in 3 minutes.

Strong & Reliable

Strong & Reliable DDoS Mitigation

With Upto 500 GBPS Burstable Scrubbing Capacity, capable to stop 99.99% of DDoS attacks ever recorded in history.

Transparent Mitigation

Transparent DDoS Mitigation

Blocking All Malicious Traffic While Remaining Fully Transparent for Legitimate Users.

All Round Protection

Mitigate All Type of DDoS Attacks

Mitigation of any type of DDoS attack Network, Transport or Application Layer targeted or even a hybrid attack.

Self Learning Rule Engine

Self Learning DDoS Rule Engine

WE are learning from your traffic pattern to make mitigation faster and better accurate.

Reasonable & Responsive

Reliable customer support

We are monitoring and protecting your application 24*7. We are there whenever you have a application security concern, just a phone call away.