Application Layer Security Debugging

Have your application suffered an intrusion? Let us identify & repair the exploited vulnerability before facing a more dangerous attack

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Our Application Layer Security Breach Incident Response Process

An abnormal user action in a secure area of your application may not necessarily mean an human error, so as a missing record. If you witnessed an abnormal incident in your application database or access log it may not be correct decision to ignore and keeping yourself busy in regular business. In modern day, hackers around the world not only thrives to remain undetected or anonymous, they also try their level best to minimize signature of intrusion atleast at early stages. So even a small signature pointing to an abnormal activity should be inspected thoroughly to identify any intentional malicious activity. A timely investigation and followup decision making can stop large disaster which sometime may be large enough to put you out of business.

Here at La Manguste, we have mastered in identifying application vulnerability by inspecting abnormal signatures in database access log. While some signatures may only evident an accidental exploitation of an ignored vulnerability timely remediation may save your application from being targeted by professional hackers. In case you have identified a signature of abnormality it is strongly recommended to consult us as soon as possible to get the matter properly investigated and remediated. Even in case of a disaster already taken place engaging us in time may give you partial relief from the quantum of damage it would cause.

Application layer security debugging process flow


Quick Hacking Response
  • Quick response to most dangerous threat i.e. application layer security breach.
  • Quick App Security Remediation
  • Remediate vulnerabilities quickly to prevent further hacking.
  • Vulnerability Validation
  • Validation of identified vulnerabilities for assured detection of intrusion path.
  • Remediation Penetration Test
  • Post remediation penetration test to ensure effectively of the remedy.
  • App_security_scan1.png
  • Complete application security scan to identify other critical exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Customer_service2.png
  • Friendly consultants to answer your every question with deep details.