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24*7 Active DDoS Protection for Your Application & Data Centers

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What is DDoS?

DDOS is a proven and commonly practiced way to block resources of a web server or web application by overwhelming it by sending hits/requests/ queries from a large number of terminals at the disposal of attackers. The primary purpose of an DDoS attack is making the application unavailable for legitimate users by either engaging or crushing it. Even though a DDoS attack needs minutes to take shape it put an application out of work for hours, costing the business down time, reputation damage and licked bandwidth.

Why Active DDoS Protection?

DDoS attacks needs very small amount of time to take shape and once it caught momentum, its expected to cause heavy damage and a lengthy downtime. It might not be possible for businesses to respond to an DDoS attack within ultra short reaction time. The best chance of ensuring zero damage against DDoS attack has been an automated DDoS response system ready in case of an attack. La Manguste’s DDoS protection suit automatically detect DDoS attack targeted towards your application and trigger mitigation process automatically. This results in immediate response to an DDoS attack by mitigating it before it can cause any significant damage.

How Active DDoS Protection Works?

Your website DNS (A Record & CName) get pointed towards La Manguste’s DDoS protection server so that the DDoS protection server works as a gateway to your application or data center. Our proprietary traffic analysis algorithm detects a DDoS attack within seconds. Upon detection of a DDoS attack all traffic towards your web application get redirected to our scrubbing server. Our scrubbing server examines all traffic with its inbuilt intelligence to profile each traffic as either good or bad. Malicious traffic get blocked and legitimate traffic directed towards its intended destination.

Why La Manguste?

High Capacity

Upto 500 GBPS Scrubbing Capacity

Upto 500 GBPS Burstable Scrubbing Capacity.

High Availability

High Availibility DDoS protection

High performance, Upto 99.999% Uptime.

Fast Mitigation

Fast DDoS Mitigation

99% DDoS Attacks Get Mitigated in Less Than a Minute.

Transparent Mitigation

Transparent DDoS Protection

Blocking All Malicious Traffic While Remaining Fully Transparent for Legitimate Users.

All Round Protection

All round ddos protection

Protection from Network, Transport & Application Layer DDoS Attack.

Fully Managed Service

Managed DDoS Protection Service

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