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We are thriving to achieve zero incidents around the applications we protect while still keeping ourselves affordable for startups

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Who we are

Queen Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

"We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist."

Queen Victoria

Born in Kolkata, the ancient capital of British India, La Manguste has been formed by a group of young entrepreneurs and engineers with a focus towards providing enterprise grade application security protocol to startups and SMBs at an affordable cost. Being a leader in managed application security solution we are committed to defend internet assets of startups and SMBs from the evolving threat landscape of internet industry.

Having over six thousands websites and applications under protection we have obtained versatile technological exposure which enables us to deal in application vulnerability detection and remediation for web and mobile applications build with all major technology stack. With an experience in handling over two thousands security breach incidents, we have developed a small but compact battle harden team who are never nervous in dealing with threats. Driven by a passion for analyzing threats and their countermeasures we always thrive to keep our solution stand tall against all present and evolving threats against application & information security.

We love spending time analyzing threats and their countermeasures. Never mind to drop a message if you have something to be careful about!

What we do

Budget & risk optimized security protocol is the best response to the ever evolving threat landscape. With growing user awareness and saturation approaching to the internet industry, it no longer has been a place to earn quick money. So individuals and groups are now turning their focus more intelligent activity which are as much harmful for business as it is for consumer users. So the need of a robust application security protocol is gaining importance to prevent websites and cloud application getting harmed by users with malicious intents.

While it will always remain a battle of intelligence between your application security protocol and the users with malicious intent, the market leaders like Facebook, Ebay, Amazon already taken the biggest hit in terms of loss of data to hackers. While such attacks forced them to adopt best possible application and information security protocol focus is now turning to SMBs who with limited technological capacity and budget to invest in application security still remained soft targets.

At La Manguste our focus is to make a robust application security protocol affordable for startups. While technological and financial limitations preventing SMBs to adapt a take decisive measures for application security, we under a single subscription plan provide an all round application security protocol which not only keep your application protected from attacks but also enables you to engage us quickly to limit damage in case of a disaster.


While continuous effort from malicious activists forced enterprises to invest millions for the security of their web and mobile applications, startups and SMBs remained exposed because of their technological and financial limitations. Now when the focus is turning towards relatively soft targets startups and SMBs are the ones who is suffering the most; sometime just because of misadventures of beginner hackers.

At La Manguste our mission is to create a safer environment for small businesses to do business on the internet. While budget and technological limitation restricting them to adopt enterprise grade application security solutions our object is to provide everything they need for their application security under a very affordable subscription plan. Starting from detecting and remediating vulnerabilities within the application to protecting their application on cloud from Malware and DDoS attacks, we target to provide enterprise grade solution without making a major dent to your annual budget. While individual business may not have the affordability to bear the cost of enterprise grade application security solution we thrive to make it possible by bring in the volume advantage into play. In this direction our effort towards cost miniaturization is paying off and our passion is driving us towards achieving zero incidents around the applications under our protection.

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