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Runtime Protection

Incident Response

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How it Works

Vulnerabilities Detection

We detect critical vulnerabilities in your application code before exploiters do, enabling you to patch those to prevent data disasters. Our best in class automated and manual penetration testing process provide in depth identification of vulnerabilities according to their severity level to keep you focused.


Our active assistance and monitoring of your application remediation process, makes it faster and more convenient for your development team to resolve critical vulnerabilities in a time sensitive manner reducing chances of exploitation.

All inclusive web and mobile application security

Runtime Protection

Our active application protection suit defends your website and application against malwares, injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks and even against massive DDoS attacks while your business is focused to serve increasing customer base.

Incident Response

We respond to disasters before it makes a major dent to your reputation and revenue. Malware removal, source code debugging, backup restoration, responding to the zero day vulnerabilities – we do it all what it takes to let you get back to business right away.

We Do It All For You Under a Single Subscription Plan. Just Sit Back, Relax, And Focus on Growth

Why Invest in Application Security

Threat Landscape is Expanding At A Pace Never Seen Before

97% Of All Websites Contains Atleast One OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities


42 Million Unique Malware Samples Have Been Captured in 2018


15.7% Annualized Growth of Major DDoS Attack Has Been Recorded in 2017


73% eBusinesses Can Be Penalized For Faling to Secure Their Customer Privacy


Web Application Security

Get all round protection to your web application against most dangerous threats on the web with our managed application security service plans. Avert the risk of injection attacks, XSS attacks, malware infection and DDoS

Mobile Application Security

Proactively secure your mobile application, application server and web services with all round security scanning, remediation, application firewall and DDoS shield. An all in one security solution for your mobile application business.

Incident Response Services

Be fast & accurate in responding against an attack. While clock is ticking with the increasing quantum of damage to your revenue and reputation, we are here to put your application system back into production by racing with time.


Global Web & Mobile Application Security Threat Intelligence Network

Global Threat Intelligence Network

Our threat intelligence network supported by tens of technology partners and hundreds of penetration testers spread across the world coupled with our own discovery of vulnerabilities, malwares and malicious IP addresses consistently feed our products and knowledge base with latest threats looming over web and mobile applications. Constantly monitored and updated cloud based threat intelligence metrics ensures faster update over newly discovered malwares enabling us offering stronger resistance even against zero day vulnerabilities.

Battle Harden Resources

With the experience of analyzing over thirty five thousands web and mobile applications and actively remediating close to six thousands apps our team, process and infrastructure has been strengthened and fine tuned to detect and close down vulnerabilities in your applications in a time sensitive manner. Comprised 100+ application & information security engineers our highly alert incident response team gained experience in dealing with over two thousands attack incidents which educated them on best possible way of dealing with breach incidents to reduce the impact of an attack of any dimension and magnitude.

Battle Harden Application Security & Incident Response Team
On Time Response & Service Delivery

Right there when you need us the most

Available round the clock, our customer service team is never tired for your next question. Especially when you need our assistance in dealing with critical vulnerabilities the bridge between your application development team and our security engineers kept always open. While it comes to an attack incident our emergency incident response team is just a phone call away to be engaged immediately with best of their capacity and to remain involved till your application is back to business.

And Rightly Experienced

35 K
Website Under Protection
250 K+
Vulnerabilities Detected
6000 +
Application Remediated
2.5 K
Attack Responded